Hardwood Flooring

Let's talk about hardwood floors and the different types of hardwood. It really comes down to two different types in this category, and that is your 100% hardwood floor and your engineered hardwood floor. There's some different ways that they engineer hardwood floors, but the reason we have engineered hardwood floors is to try to keep the costs down. Because you have multilayers of different kinds of wood before you get to that top layer, that is your premium wood, the wood you're actually paying for.

Another reason that you layer it like that is you cross layer it, which should reduce the amount of shrinking and expanding. I'm sure we've all been in a friend's or family's houses, and their hardwood floors are those older ones. And in the winter, they gap a little bit. In the summer, they fill back in. And that's the yearly process with a hardwood floor. Well, that engineered floor is designed to try to minimize that, try to stop that movement as much as we can. The reason you'd want to use hardwood floors is they're beautiful. I mean, a real hardwood floor done well is one of the more beautiful floors in the flooring world.

It's a little bit softer than, say, a tile floor. You have to watch, if you own a hardwood floor, that you leave water on your hardwood floor. Or if you have a large dog, there are some hardwood floors that might scratch with that large dog. Now, some people say, "I'm putting in a hardwood floor. I know what I'm getting. I want that beauty and we'll take care of our hardwood floors." Then that's the right floor for you. We are huge fans of hardwood floors, and think they have a place in the right home, just like any other floor in our store.

Hardwood floors have come a long way, just like every other type of flooring out there. So now, we have wide plank, long plank hardwood floors, and they come in oak, white oak, hickory, walnut. These are some of the more popular categories. White oak being a really popular category right now, although I am seeing a trend towards the darker woods. And we're seeing the darker woods starting to show up in our store a little bit more every day. The variety in the hardwood floor arena is pretty vast. We also do finish onsite, sanded, and sanded smooth hardwood floors if that's what you're looking for.

For you business owners out there, if you have a center room or a conference room or a room that you really want to make pop, a beautiful hardwood floor would be a great solution for that space. A nice way to highlight that room and set it apart from the rest of the office that may be more industrial or may not have quite that look that you're you're going for in that fancier or more prime time room in your office.

Another thing to think about with hardwood floors is we put a lot of hardwood floors on walls. So for wall treatments, whether it's in your business or your home, put hardwood floor up on the wall, it's a real easy thing to do and it's a really gorgeous way to accent a wall in a house or in a business. Stop on in to Showcase Floors and we'll make sure we get the right hardwood floor in the right space.


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