Vinyl Flooring

Hi, Jeremiah again was Showcase Floors. Today we're going to talk about vinyl floors. Vinyl has been around for a long time, called linoleum way back when. I will say vinyl is no longer your grandma's floor. I grew up on vinyl floors, a lot of them had some orange and some browns and some weird patterns going on. Now we've got vinyl click lock tiles, vinyl click lock wood look floors. We still have our old sheet goods only they're not old anymore, they've got some really nice designs.

Sheet goods serve a real purpose in that if you're going to put a laundry room together or a room that maybe isn't the centerpiece of your house but you just need to get a nice looking floor in there. I suggest a sheet good. Doesn't have any seams so if you're worried about seams and durability or moisture, the sheet good vinyls are really a way to go.

If you want to put a vinyl flooring throughout your whole house and give yourself a wood look, we have vinyl click lock floors and they come in a huge array of styles, sizes, looks. If you're going for rustic, we've got rustic vinyl clicks. If you want a tile look, we have vinyl click and tile. If you want a real authentic look with grouted lines so it looks like a tiled floor but yet you don't have to pay for all the buildup of that tiled floor then we've got glue down tile floors that we can grout when we're done and then it looks like a tiled floor. It's a great and inexpensive way to cover your floor and give you a beautiful look.

For you business owners out there, a great way to deal with your flooring solution in your bathrooms, your break rooms, the off rooms of your office is a nice vinyl floor. Whether it's a glue down plank or a sheet good vinyl, if you don't want any seams, that's a nice solution, and again, a very low-cost way to give you a beautiful look that will last for a long time. So the next time you're thinking about shopping for a vinyl floor or any kind of a flooring product, let's make sure we get the right floor in the right space, stop on by the Showcase Floors and we'll talk you through and figure out what your needs are and make sure that happens.


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